Don’t contradict me!

This is one of those posts where I spill out random thoughts and then rather than edit or proofread, I’ll spend an equal amount of time searching for mildly related pictures or possibly totally random cat pictures.  It’s part of the “life” portion of my blog header.  It’s also one of my favorite sort of blog posts to write!

I was a talkative child.  My mother would always yell at me, “don’t contradict me!” I would argue that I wasn’t contradicting her, I was simply correcting her.

Yes.  I am aware it’s the same thing.  But I always thought if I just explained what I meant, it would make sense.


I’m a last word sort of person.  It’s not that I necessarily HAVE to have the last word.  It’s that I simply do often have the last word.  I think fast, I read faster, and I talk fast.  And a lot.  Sorry about that.  Occasionally I think I’m probably a little hypomanic.  (I’m really not productive enough though.)

My trouble is knowing when to let go.  I’m a little bit intense for most people, on occasion.  It waxes and wanes.  I’m fully aware of my shortcomings.  It’s just that changing myself isn’t something I can do easily.  And not that I should.  I’ve done pretty well so far in my life, so I’m not that worried.  Just spitballing here.

If you have a text conversation with me, I’ll probably write the last text.  Because I’ll always have something else to say.  Though I work really hard to not do that, sometimes.  I know it can be annoying.

I think people put up with me because I’m really quite funny.  I’m sure I have other good qualities too.  I like to think I’m a nice person and a good friend.  Or at least maybe I’m really adorable?


My biggest problem with teaching is talking too much.  I also forget sometimes that my students can’t change gears as quickly as I can (in fact, no one really can!  I can go from laughing hysterically to completely serious in about 1 second.) and they {likely} think I’m a little weird.  I’m cool with that.  My favorite teachers growing up were a little bit weird.

I think it helps me with music.  I’ve been listening (Suzuki style!) to all the music for next week’s Chamber Project St Louis concerts.  (9/8 at 7:30 at the Chapel, 9/10 at 7:30 at the Tavern of Fine Arts, please come!) I am really excited to play all the music and there is just so much emotion involved!  I love playing really emotional pieces.  I am not a terribly emotional person in my day to day life, but I really pour it into my music.


A few months ago I gave myself a facebook timeout.  I took over a week off from facebook.  I did it, I went over the week without checking facebook.  Which was GREAT.  Except then I started using twitter more.  And now I only use facebook occasionally (still more than most people, but trust me, less than I used to) but I’ve become obsessed with twitter!!  So…is this a bad thing?  Do I need to go twitter-free?  Do I need a social media timeout? I am tracking my dad’s progress via twitter so I don’t want to go twitter-free, but I could cut back.  I could also cut back on text messaging.  I don’t want to cut back on blogging though!


And on that note, have a wonderful weekend!  What is most annoying about you?  How can you change this? (I’m kidding, don’t do that.)