Dropped Violins

So far this week 4 students have dropped their violins on the floor.  LUCKILY so far none of them have broken.  It’s a miracle!  Yes, all of the students were boys. 



This has been an interesting week so far for teaching.  My latest parlor trick is counting like the Count from Sesame Street for repetitions.  They LOVE this!  It works really well when I’m a bit tired and slap-happy.


One!  Ha-ha-ha-ha!

Two!  Ha-ha-ha-ha! 

You get the picture.  My students don’t mind doing repetitions when I count like the Count!


Other than teaching this week, I also have rehearsals for Saturday’s Ocarina Concert.  It’s live on the internet, please watch!


Follow that link for more information—Heather is the ocarina player I am playing with, and though I’m not pictured, that’s the concert I’m playing on.  Free, live, on the internet…what could be better??