Eating my way through Chicago

I didn’t realize that my visit to Chicago would turn into a foodie’s dream, but I daresay it has.  I woke up today dreaming about the carrots I had last night at the Publican.  Yes, it’s a little strange to dream about carrots, but these weren’t ordinary carrots.  They were magical.  I don’t know exactly how…they were described as carrots with ricotta salada and almonds.  I didn’t take any pictures of the meal though.  We also split beef tartare (OMG), scallops, arugula salad, and radishes.  It was a vegetable heavy meal, and OH so good.  The Publican isn’t Avec, but it’s good.

Speaking of Avec, (and yes, I am) I found an interesting article on epicurious about it.  That focaccia the writer talks about is one of the best things to order there, along with the chorizo stuffed bacon wrapped dates.  (Just writing that…you KNOW there’s no way that can go wrong.)  I think right now my ideal meal would consist of those two things plus the above mentioned carrots.  In fact when Karen and I went to Avec Friday night we had some leftover focaccia and a date, which we TORE into last night when we got back.  And though not as good as originally, still better than most food.

The only thing I’ve been craving lately that I haven’t gotten is cheesecake.  I’ve been denying myself dessert, even when we ate lunch at a french bakery.  The bakery had all manner of ridiculously good looking pastries and such, but we didn’t order anything.  I have learned that is a big part of not gaining weight, not ordering everything you want :(  But many days have gone by, much good food has been eaten, and yet the dessert craving has NOT gone away.  So I think perhaps today is a good dessert day.

Or not.  My brain is torn:  attempt to win Mike’s weight loss competition?  Or lose handsomely, covered in cheesecake crumbs and sauce from the bacon wrapped dates?  It seems those are the two best (only?) options.