Sunday so far:  2 miles of running, stopped twice to stretch, hamstrings totally no good.  Turned around to walk back and meet my friends at the end.  Oh, and SOMEBODY (not me) locked their car key in the car and took their house key rather than the other way around.  Instead of 10 miles of running, 4 miles run/walk plus 1 hour spent trying to get somebody to help us figure out how to call AAA and then waiting.  Luckily the weather was really nice…too bad I haven’t gotten a real run in all week.  I suppose there’s a chance tomorrow.  (Tries not to freak out.)


Yup, that’s how I feel.

At least while we were waiting on AAA we saw something fun:

St Louis Track Club Marathon Relay!

Also we saw people doing yoga, with a live recorder player.  Sadly my camera was…locked safely in the car.

Hey, I could be more upset about this, but I’m not.  The hamstring issue is an actual problem, and stuff is just out of my hands right now.  Next week’s race will just be what it is.  I meant it to be a training run and it will be.

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