Fire (probably unrelated to the earthquake)

Breaking news from my neighborhood!  It’s a very special blog post in the afternoon.

I was lying on the couch watching the office and got a call from Chris that he had just gotten home, but that the neighbor’s balcony was on fire and he had just called 911.  Naturally I grabbed my phone and ran (well, limped, actually…) outside to see!


It quickly became apparent I needed my actual camera, so I went to get that.  It reminded me of the last time I was part of a situation where 911 was called.   Such an eerie silence, then masses of sirens.  Luckily this time no one was hurt or even in the building, as far as we could tell.  (No ambulances came, so I feel pretty secure saying that.)


This is two doors down and that empty parking space on the left is ours.  It seemed that no one was at home.  The fire trucks arrived in about two to four minutes, I would say.  The police arrived first and got there before I even got outside.


Finally remembered I had a zoom in feature on my camera.


Bringing out the hose!


And the ladder!






All of the neighbors who were at home and not afraid of the police were out watching the drama! Yes, the presence of a police car makes quite a few porches of people disappear.  I think that’s the sign of a problem.


Last blast of water!


And packing up.  Good job guys.



After the excitement I needed to go back inside and sit down (working with a bad head cold here), but naturally I first wanted to put out a very special blog post!  Hope you enjoyed.

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