Friday the 13th

Ooh, SCARY!  ‘



I feel like I should write something, but I can’t think of anything good.  Often while I’m driving I’ll think of a fun topic for a blog post, but I can’t remember any of them right now.  I should probably write those down, but I’m pretty sure it’s illegal to take notes while driving (especially in construction zones).

Tonight is another school concert.  I will be relieved when it’s over—I know the kids will be fine, but these things are still stressful, because who knows what might happen.  For instance, several children might break their violins (likely) or perhaps somebody will play the wrong song because they didn’t listen to the introduction (less likely, but still possible) or maybe the parents will complain the violin portion of the program is still too long (don’t care, listen for 6 minutes, okay?).

Today is the first day in a long time that I got up after 8:00 am.  WHO AM I?  I have been waking up before my alarm even.  I blame the sun, and the fact that I have been generally going to bed before midnight.  Does this mean I am an adult now?  (No, my criteria remains that I want to have a washer/dryer ON MY FLOOR.)


Here’s a photo of one of the places we are looking at for the wedding…I like the table runners/colored tablecloths.  (See, I’m taking an interest in decor! )

Seriously though, I dislike too much monotony or white in decor, and want color and texture.  Hence my house is cluttered with junk—  Besides which, what would my students look at while playing?  Their bows??  That’s crazy talk.  But for the wedding I think some color will be nice.

I have a relaxing weekend ahead of me and I can’t wait.  I only have TWO things to do this weekend, and considering I am counting my 5k race, I really only have one thing to do (play a wedding).  SWEET.

Happy Friday the Thirteenth to you!

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