I don’t know why I get so excited about Fridays.  As you know, I work weekends.  So it’s not as if Friday kicks off this fantastic two day binge of fun and relaxation…it usually just means a very tired Saturday is almost upon me followed by a Sunday consisting of too much working out.

That’s the plan at least!  I’ve been running around all day and I’m finally sitting down on the couch.  (OH yes.)  I am waiting for Chris to get done with his concert and then we are hitting up a friend’s housewarming party.  I made cake batter blondies.   I should stop telling people how easy it is to make those because they will be less impressed when I bring them to parties.

Today was a rest day.  As a result (or not) I was starving all day!  I ate an entire burrito from Milagro for lunch and was famished by dinner (leftover pasta with meat/mushroom sauce, yum, yum!).  Maybe it’s because of all the working out I did yesterday?  Tomorrow I am planning to go with Jen to her infamous boot camp class.  I’m sure it’ll be super easy for me since I’m in such great shape.  After that:  wedding, recording session (ocarina!), and then the Symphony concert.  It’s nice to have these busy days, make me feel more useful in life 🙂

I think I’ve settled on my Thanksgiving desserts.  Caramel Apple Cheesecake Pie (can’t wait to meet Natalie next week at the relay) and Pumpkin Bread Pudding.  Less than two weeks away.  I’m looking for a great recipe for the bread pudding that uses pumpkin bread.  I have one I’ve used which is great, I’m wondering if there is something out there that’s even better.  Suggestions?  And I’m sure I could just substitute pumpkin bread for any bread, but really I’m looking for tried and true here.  Thoughts?  Because I have a killer pumpkin bread recipe.  Laura sent the Thanksgiving dinner menu to me.  Oh my goodness.  I need to start fasting so I can eat a bite of everything. 

What are you doing this weekend?  Any fun plans with friends or mud races?


  1. So glad you’re going to make the caramel apple cheesecake pie–it’s a winner! and i’m excited to meet you next weekend too…although if it’s as windy as it has been i’ll be pissed. i was not happy about yesterday’s run!

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