Funny searches

I love blog visitors.   So, if you are reading this, THANK YOU and please tell your friends.

I am able to see what it is that people search for that brings them to my blog.  I don’t have any fancy way to track statistics, just the ones that come standard with a word press blog.   (Blog).

Some of the searches are pretty obvious, such as:

Hannah violin

violin teacher (why not just type that into the address bar and see what happens?)

hannahviolin banana bread

Then there are the people searching for my friends: 

Jen Gartley

Asako Kuboki violin

Valentina Takova cello

or sort of searching for my friends:

Gina Galati violist

Or famous people I’ve mentioned:

Mark O’Connor

Andre Watts

Leila Josefowicz

But then it starts to get more interesting, and I hope the people found my blog helpful:

pf chang half marathon medal

Suzuki group class ideas

rock n roll marathon tech shirt


bacon bread

race to cure lymphoma

Washington Missouri catholic church

nachi cocum pictures (ah, I miss nachi cocum!)

Isabel Wilkerson

pancake wrist

You get the idea.  People probably find my blog helpful on occasion, right?  But then there are the funny search topics:

Colorado Christmas ornaments

rock and roll bathrooms

stage deli cheesecake

wedding church in front view

quartet music stand table

“Louis symphony”

what classification apple kuchen butter cake belong

strawberry shake the cheesecake factory

aught two 2002

what is word for recital pieces

salads for thanksgiving sooner

weightlifting Christmas ornaments

cat cutie sad

is there 6 more weeks of winter febuary 2nd 2011

code of pork with polenta

pf chang half marathon – I had to run for 30 minutes to reach the start line!

If you have a blog, what funny search terms have people used?  Also, does anybody have a better way to track my visitors to suggest?  Lastly, what is “code of pork”?

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