Good times #reverb10

Prompt: Party. What social gathering rocked your socks off in 2010? Describe the people, music, food, drink, clothes, shenanigans.


Ah, now this is a prompt I can relax and enjoy Winking smile  It’s been a great year for social gatherings—several weddings, parties, a great Thanksgiving dinner, small get-togethers with friends, all have been quite delightful.  It’s hard to describe one event that “rocked my socks off”…

I generally enjoy smaller get togethers more than large gatherings.  Parties can be fun, but I usually find myself holed up in one place chatting with people that I would just as soon have lunch with!  When I was younger it seemed that a party was often an event that lasted forever and ever…and often I would be up all night, so I guess that perception was fairly close.  These days a party is usually just for a few hours and then I am tired and go home!  I’ll put that on my list of “signs that I’m getting old.”  Or “signs that my friends are getting old also.”

I think the most fun I’ve had this year was at my friends’ Loren and Mathieu’s wedding in Chicago in April.  Chris was a groomsmen, my sister Leslie attended, and I also made a few new friends.  I didn’t actually know that many people there, but those I did know were near and dear to me.  The whole weekend was wonderful!  Our first night there we had a delicious dinner at “Blackbird.”  The second night was the rehearsal dinner, also great fun, and Leslie flew in that night. 

Then the wedding—the ceremony was lovely (though the cabbie had QUITE the time finding it), the reception was gorgeous (at the top of a building overlooking downtown Chicago), the food was fantastic, the band was… not bad—we even danced–(though they CLAIMED they didn’t know the Titanic song), the dessert was tasty and the drinks were free flowing.  Everybody was thrilled to be celebrating with the happy couple, friends and family included, and the whole weekend was well planned and simply, fantastic.  I’m glad we were able to attend. 

(Granted I was also in bed by midnight…but the whole day was a party!)


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  1. Is that you in the garnet dress? SO pretty. And there is nothing like a great wedding, the kind where everyone has a good time.

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