Grandparent’s Day Recap

My students did terrific in their performance this morning.

When I arrived at the school (about 20 minutes early),  I decided to go around to the classrooms and collect the students’ violins so I could check tuning and set them out.  Two of the students “didn’t know” we were performing today!  Seriously.  I was pretty annoyed at that–I can understand forgetting your instrument, but I cannot understand two kids who obviously haven’t listened to a thing I’ve said for weeks (we’ve been preparing for about three weeks, plus I emailed the parents).

We performed last on the program (there was singing and talking.)  The kids were a little nervous, but they did a wonderful job, and I am very proud of them! I hope the grandparents were pleased 🙂 I know I am–no matter how frustrated I get at them in class, I know it’s worth it when they stand up and perform so well.

I ran 4 miles outside…it was pretty cold today!  I need to get some long running tights.  It was a rough run–I was exhausted but somehow managed to forge ahead.

HBBC:  4 mile run: 4 points, 7 servings f/v: 1 point, total: 5 points