Grumpy pants

I feel like I just had a weekend…I’m tired of the snow, I’m tired of sitting around the house, I’m tired of going to concerts.  WAAAH!

But here we are, ready for the weekend again…tonight I’m GOING to see Mahler 6 and then out with friends.   We’re going out with two other couples and it should be fun.  Saturday I have a workout with Mike (again, yay!) and Sunday is spinning class and (hopefully) a long run.  What else to do?  Anybody want to hang out?  I need to get out of the house more!

Good news is that Chris is rotated out (for now, unless somebody gets sick) of next week’s concerts—which means we made a reservation for dinner next Saturday night.  Granted, said reservation is at 8:30 pm, but still, I’m excited to have an official Valentine’s Day dinner.  (Yes, I know Valentine’s is on Monday, but I have to work all day Sad smile )  Hopefully Chris won’t get called in, but if he does, maybe we’ll get takeout dinner and eat later then?  I’ll worry about that later.

It’s funny—I generally love being at home relaxing, but not for an entire week!  What is the saying, be careful what you wish for because you might get it?  I should savor this time though, because the rest of the month is going to be busier (unless there is another huge storm, haha!), what with regular teaching, opera, and one weekend taken up with the Mark O’Connor workshop (though the rumor is that it might get canceled due to low enrollment, boo!). 

I’m also excited about the race next weekend—5 miles.  I haven’t run that distance before in a race.  It would be AWESOME to break 1 hour, but I’m not counting on it.  I AM hoping to win though!   I am also hoping I can run the whole way, just walking through the water stations.  That’s my real goal, not the time.

How are you all enjoying your weekend?  Or if you are working through the weekend, how are you anyway?