Happiness is a new A string

I can’t believe it is the last day of Suzuki Institute already!  The time flies by.  Mainly because you are kept so busy.  But this has been a great summer—wonderful people, inspiring teachers, and fudge.

I had to teach in front of the class yesterday.  It went just fine…I have become better at this over the past two years. 

Advice for teaching: 

Drive the point home.  Stick to the point.  Keep sticking to it.

Make a point.  Activate that point.  Use minimal words, then activate it.

Lead the student to answers.  Isolate and follow through on points.

Prioritize.  Teach technique first, music second.

Do you see a pattern?  I think I might.  Something about "one point, one lesson." 

IMG_0140 IMG_0141

IMG_0142 IMG_0154

Lots of class observations as usual 🙂

Our class decided to go out to dinner last night, to a nice place (well, THE nice place) in town.  Oh, wait, first, violin cookies!


(I hope Mike isn’t reading this…or else I suppose he won’t be surprised if I obliterated last week’s weight loss.  Darn fudge shoppe and violin cookies…)

I DID get a 2.5 mile run in before dinner, aren’t I fancy?


The menu for "Cream ‘n’ Sugar."  I had the gnocchi with shrimp…yum!  It is the "nice" restaurant in town.  It wasn’t open last year.  I hope it makes it through the year.

Then I wanted a picture of Holly and I standing so you could see how I spent all week feeling short.  Except I look taller in the photo.  Oops.  Trust me that I spent a week feeling like I wasn’t the tallest woman around.  Just trust me.


Also my head is gigantic.  Oh well.

So today I drive home.  And that is the end of Suzuki Institute for this summer.  It’ll be back to the originally scheduled blogging about…well…very little ;)  Less fudge, more working out, I suppose.  Oh, and more wedding planning!!