Happy Valentines Day!

Valentine’s Day is such a tough holiday.  It’s a holiday supposedly celebrating “love” but really just seems to celebrate “spending money to buy gifts for your girlfriend so she doesn’t hate you” or “making single people feel bad about themselves.”


In elementary school Valentine’s Day was fun because you gave valentines to everybody in the class and received them from everybody.  No picking and choosing.  I remember really enjoying that!  Of course you would always try to give some people more special valentines, but nonetheless the number remained the same.

As we got older that changed, and in high school they sold carnations that boys would buy for the girls.  Of course, just certain girls…not everybody.  And they would deliver them during school.  Really obnoxious, in my opinion.

College was better—nobody really cared.  I have had wonderful Valentine’s Days hanging out with a bunch of girlfriends as well.

I am celebrating Valentine’s Day in my classes for everybody, so I can show my love for my students, even though they annoy me sometimes.  Today is an exciting day for my students—I have planned a small party for each of my classes, with homemade cookies and candy.  They are in for a treat.

Is this the best Valentine’s Day yet? This one is AWESOME, of course…knowing that people can finally understand and validate my relationship with Chris is priceless…

Some people say “Oh, but I show my love for my boyfriend/husband everyday.”  Well, DUH.  Don’t we all?  That doesn’t make you superior—I don’t think?  Don’t all of us do that, not only for our significant others but for our friends and family (and pets) as well?  If not every day, certainly very often.  (We are all allowed to have bad days, where we can be cranky and not demonstrate our love per se.)

What are you doing to celebrate Valentine’s Day?


One thought on “Happy Valentines Day!”

  1. I love that part about showing love for your students even though “…they annoy me sometimes…” ha! Feel the exact same way! I do love my students overall. I’m not a very good baker, so no homemade stuff for my students. I’ll probably just bring in store-bought cookies or candy and punch.
    This V-day must be esp. exciting now that you’re engaged–congrats again:)

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