Hot hot hot!

Today I had two outdoor weddings.  I was dreading them, as it was supposed to be very hot, and indeed it was very hot!  However, both weddings went very well!  Both groups of people were very nice and appreciative of our talents, and were very accommodating in regards to keeping us out of the sun and helping us with the cues we needed.  We got to play a few new pieces (we are always on the search for new pieces and arrangements) and played some old favorites as well (Queen of Sheba and Ode to Joy!).  Though I was exhausted and sweaty by the end, it was a good day overall.  We also took a few pictures for my friend’s website, and got to participate in a quasi-hay ride (from the ceremony site to the reception site of the first wedding).

What shall Monday bring?  More pottery…I have a variety of pieces that (hopefully) will be ready to glaze.  I think I am going to finish out this session (three more weeks) and then take a break.  It seems that pottery has been more of an added stress rather than a relaxing activity for me, and I need a break!  I have been enjoying it for the most part, but then I feel guilty for not going back between classes to practice, and of course then I get upset that I am not as skilled at it as I would like to be.  I will take the next three weeks as they go, and make an executive decision at the end of it.  The other option would be to take a “hand building” class rather than “wheel throwing”, but either way, I could always pick it up later.  It’s not cheap either, which is another good reason to take a break if I am not feeling inclined.

Tomorrow also will bring a good workout (either more attempts at running or perhaps weights with Chris) and a BBQ at a friend’s house.  Basically a very busy day off!  The rest of the week will be preparing for Sunday’s recital in many ways–teaching, cleaning the house, and other details such as the program, certificates, and snacks.  Should be a good week!