Jon Hamm sighting

Well, I didn’t see him.  But evidently he was at Bar Louie in the CWE on Sunday.  Ironically, he was there to watch the Cardinals game…that I was AT.  I presume he was hoping to see me!

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Handsome Jon Hamm from "Mad Men" was spotted lunching on Sunday at Bar Louie in the Central West End. Polite and congenial as could be, Hamm had only one request — could you please turn on the Cards game?

Hamm came in by himself shortly before the game started at 1:15 and sat down at the bar. He was talking to manager Andrew Ahr, who recognized him but didn’t acknowledge he knew who it was, and asked Ahr if he would turn on the game.

Ahr said Hamm proceeded to sit there and watch the entire game.

"The guy was just delightful to have in there," Ahr said today. "He was by himself and no one recognized him. He had a full beard — this guy was going Grizzly Adams."

Ahr is a Mizzou grad, class of ’94, and Hamm is class of ’93, so the two chatted about their alma mater. Hamm told Ahr he was in town for a niece’s wedding and was headed to Mizzou to participate in a golf tournament on Monday being hosted by John Anderson of ESPN.

Ahr couldn’t get over how low-key and polite Hamm was.

"When he was ready to leave he waited for the bartender to finish helping someone else so he could thank her personally for her service," Ahr said. "Then he crossed the entire restaurant to shake my hand, thanked me and said goodbye. He is such a gracious guy."

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I forgot to ask my friend Jen if she saw Jon at her gym (she once saw George Clooney there!  She belongs to a fancy celebrity gym).  Then again, he is from here, so he might not be staying in a hotel.  Yet, he WAS in the central west end.  Hmm.  JEN DID YOU SEE JON HAMM AND IF SO DID YOU GIVE HIM MY NUMBER?  (Chris, he’s on my list of five, it’s totally cool.)