Letting go of anger #reverb10

Prompt: Let Go. What (or whom) did you let go of this year? Why?


Anger.  I spent so much of 2009 being angry.  There was a lot to be angry about (or at least so I thought…but it WAS a rough year).  But it wasn’t making me very happy.  So I needed to let it go.  I found my release at the gym—working out and getting into great shape was SO much easier than being angry.  Yes, I still feel angry at times…but it’s much easier to deal with now. 

–I also got to let go (literally) of some extra weight I’d been carrying around for too long.  —

I wasn’t very much fun for awhile.  I was bitter that things in my life hadn’t turned out the way I wanted them to and I took this out on my friends and my boyfriend.  After I decided to let go of the anger, I was able to work towards what I wanted in my life, rather than dwelling on what had gone wrong.  I’m still doing that.

I am so much happier now!  I’m headed in a good direction for my life, and I can nip anger in the bud when it starts to boomerang. 

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