Memorial Day weekend

It’s a busy time of year!  Lots of weddings (three this weekend) and recitals to prepare for (the kids, not me).  I’m setting up my summer teaching schedule, and looking forward to a few new students (still more openings if you are interested!).  My home recital (next weekend) is neat in that I have several adult students performing as well as the children.  One told me this would be his first violin recital ever (and he has been playing off and on for many years).  In fact, I think only one or two of my students have performed before (I have several beginners) so this will be a wonderful experience.  I am going to try to serve punch afterwards–I remember loving punch at recitals and church events as a child.  I am not sure how to go about procuring a punch bowl, other than, I guess, buying one, but I’m thinking.   I also am considering making chocolate peanut butter brownies (any excuse to bake!).  I am starting to get nervous about the recital–like I’ve mentioned before, this is the first one I have hosted, and I just hope it goes well.

I think I’m starting to get over my disappointment from the other week.  I’ve been practicing again (now with more drone!) and working up a little piece to play for my students.  I had a wonderful time yesterday playing quartets with friends (granted, it was a wedding prelude, but nonetheless FUN, and, if I do say so myself, we sounded pretty good) and I am definitely pursuing more teaching work for the fall.  Things have been slow going here, but I think it’s going to be fine.   Perhaps I’ll take a page from “Lost” and just let it go 😉