Men are Different, Part the Second

Leslie and I are the stars of Presbyterian College’s website right now!

I’d probably feel a little better about the upcoming performance if my shoulder weren’t a disaster right now.  Anybody reading my blog is probably better able to observe the train wreck of injuries I’ve been bringing upon myself (or not, I’m just a take responsibility type of person) but this is not good.  I’ll make it through the Bach, no problem, because I can power through.  I’m just a little worried.  It was hurting a bit during the long run on Sunday, and then yesterday at the gym something happened—I don’t even know what—and all of a sudden it hurt again.  Then it was fine unless I was teaching last night.  I was reaching towards a student’s music with my right arm, and suddenly I gasped in pain.

And from that point on the pain stayed with me.  And is still about the same.  I’m icing it, and hoping for the best.  I really need to practice, but I’m thinking that is just not going to happen today.  Or running.

At least I’m playing second violin.

This week seems to be going just about as well as last week.  Bright side, I have lost 3 or 4 pounds this month!

Yesterday Chris bought a Super Nintendo and Final Fantasy 2.  He had had a bad day, and needed a pick me up. (We both did.)  Since he had recently played the Music of Final Fantasy with the Symphony, it was on his mind.  He’s been playing it all night, and then got up several hours before me and has been playing.  Should I tell you people that?  I think it’s hilarious.  SUPER NINTENDO.   We own a Nintendo, a Nintendo 64 and now a Super Nintendo.  And that’s it.  We do not have any more recent game systems.  (We had a Wii but it got stolen last year.)

I was out with a group of friends (and Chris) last night—all guys who grew up in the late 70’s/80’s and they got into an intense discussion involving the history of video games and video game systems.  It was a bit much for me, but hilarious.  They referenced systems I’d never heard of, not that I’m a video game expert.  (Chris IS a video game expert.)  They sang the title themes, and looked up games on the internet.

I guess what I’m trying to say, it was another case of “Men are different.”

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