Mexican food

I met my friend Melissa for dinner tonight.  We wanted to go to Milagro Modern Mexican, but SADLY Monday night is not a great going out night.  Evidently lots of places are closed, like Milagro (luckily we checked online) and then Yemanja Brasil (drive by).  Ultimately we went to Chava’s Mexican Restaurant in Soulard, which is near where Melissa lives.  It was totally fine, not great, but satisfied my Mexican food craving.  I had enchiladas, a margarita, and way too many chips and salsa.  And I took no pictures.  Evidently I’m on a picture taking break.  I need to step that back up or you people are going to get upset. (Plus, I rocked a side pony for dinner…and there is no proof.  That’s okay, it’ll keep happening.)


(the first time)

Today was a great day for getting errands done.  Except it was super hot outside (as usual) so I got really thirsty by the time I got to the grocery store.   As a result I ended up buying immense amounts of liquids:  milk, chocolate milk (which I drank on the way to the car…yum!), various sports drinks, sparkling wine, beer, you name it.  (I know, cool story, bro.)

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That’s me in my old Akron Symphony summer uniform…judging you.  Maybe after the wedding I’ll get my hair cut short like that again, it’s totally cute.  Thoughts?


Yes, this is cuter.  (source)

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