Mia Mariu Product Review and Giveaway (closed)

Winner has been notified—congrats to Carol Sue!

I never wore much makeup when I was younger.  I still don’t really, but I do wear more than I used to.  Chris always says he prefers me without makeup, but the older I’ve gotten I like to wear more because it makes me feel better and I feel like I look more professional as well.  Generally I wear a bit of foundation, powder, eyeliner, and mascara.  If I’m really getting fancy I’ll add eyeshadow, blush, and something on my lips.


(Me, fancy.  Hey, I’m still a newlywed, I can post wedding pictures for at least the rest of this year, right?)

When Mia Mariu asked if I would review a couple of their products, I said sure.  They sent a few things, including an anti-aging serum and a lip gloss.  Now, I can’t properly review the anti-aging serum after using it for just a week or so, because I don’t know how well (or poorly) it is keeping me from aging, but I’ll say that it is a very nice texture, feels great going on, and has a nice neutral smell.  It seems to moisturize well, and I don’t feel that I’ve gotten too much more visibly older yet.  So far I like it, and I’ll keep using it (at least until the bottle runs out!)



The lip gloss is in lipstick form, which I am absolutely terrible at applying.  I know as a “27 year old” woman (that was something we decided on at my party last night, I am not actually 27) I should be able to apply lipstick, but I can’t.  The color looks bright red, but is actually really subtle.

Anyway, I should tell you, yes, I got these products for free to review, but I do like them, especially the “Anti-Aging Brightening Serum.”  I also liked the little sample packs.


Now it’s your chance!  You can win one Anti-Aging Brightening Serum and one Hydrating Stick Gloss (your choice of color).  Retail Value of $52.  US Residents only please.


Three ways to enter (please leave a comment for each way you enter)

1.  Leave a comment on this post—it can be about anything, but I’d love to hear what your usual morning beauty routine is.

Bonus entries:

2. “Like” Mia Mariu on facebook.  (You can also “like” Hannahviolin, but it’s not required.)

3.  Follow Mia Mariu on twitter, follow me on twitter, and tweet the following:

“I just entered to win a free @mia_mariu anti-aging serum and gloss from http://hannahviolin.me/2012/08/27/mia-mariu-product-review-and-giveaway/ @hannahviolin”

Contest will run until Monday, September 3rd at 11 pm CST.  Good luck! NOW CLOSED, THANKS TO ALL WHO ENTERED!

134 thoughts on “Mia Mariu Product Review and Giveaway (closed)”

  1. Fun giveaway:) I think I wear TOO much makeup for my own good, and always have, but hey…it makes me feel pretty, so I’ll keep doing it:P
    I’m actually looking around for good lip wear, so I’d be curious to try this. Thanks!

    1. There is no such thing as too much makeup. Unless it’s making you sick or something. All depends on what you like! Good luck in the giveaway here 🙂

  2. I wake up in the morning and do basically nothing to my face. However, I wouldn’t mind not aging, ever, so I figure entering for this could be worthwhile ;)… haha.

  3. I used to love my makeup! Then I hit about 40 and wear it now only on special occasions…makeup does make me feel pretty though!!

  4. Just getting out of bed is great for me…seriously, I try to come out of my room with hair brushed, light makeup if necessary…then take the kids to school.

  5. I am a lip gloss addict. Truth.
    But my morning routine involves tinted moisturizer, mascara, and about 14 minutes from start of shower through being ready to walk out the door.

  6. I don’t wear makeup very often, but when I do, I like to start with a squeaky clean face. The morning routine starts with brushing teeth, washing my face, and then the rest is of secondary importance.

  7. I love getting makeup on, but with a two month old baby I don;t usually have the chance. When I go out for date night, I have the whole shebang on. If it’s a doctor appointment for baby girl, I have to sneak some on here and there in between feedings, crying, etc. Mascara, a little eyeliner and some anti-shine powder, maybe a little lip gloss is the usual. In winter blush is a MUST with my pale skin! LOL

  8. I almost always wear makeup, which is a joke to the rest of my team (all who are guys) as I’m applying makeup before a 24-hour race. 🙂 I like to start out looking human, though I usually like the way I look once I’ve been racing, even once the makeup has been sweated off.

  9. coffee, contacts, washing face, putting make up, eating cereal while packing lunch, leaving house in a hurry 🙂

  10. My morning routine beings by washing my face with a cleanser and putting toner and moisterizer on my face. Then I follow by putting on my makeup!

  11. I love cetaphil cleanser for my sensitive skin. I use bare escentuals powder foundation and swear by their concealer. It acts as a sunscreen, too. Can’t live without Burt’s bees lip balm and mascara.

  12. Hi my morning routine is wash my face then tone and moisturize for anti aging (I wish I has a serum), I’m only using bb cream lately with some lose powders, + mascara, lipgloss and blush.

  13. roll out of bed zombie style, get out of the shower feeling refreshed and then put on my makeup and feel beautiful!

  14. I usually take a shower and wash my face with goat’s milk soap. After my shower, I pat my face dry, apply moisturizer and whatever makeup I feel like putting on!

  15. My morning routine includes everything I can fit into about five minutes- since I probably overslept again!
    Bare minimum usually includes cleansing, mineral foundation and mascara.

  16. My usual morning routine is non-existant. I don’t usually wear make-up except for church, so it just involves combing my hair. I do however use cleanser and moisterizer when I shower, which is usually at night.

    I’ll be sharing this on my blog 🙂

  17. I have recently begun to try to do a full makeup routine every morning, but I tend to fall back into my powder-blush-eyeliner-mascara look. But I have become somewhat of a pro at applying false eyelashes, so I have a feeling they will be my new obsession!

  18. I wake up, wash my face, brush my teeth, apply moisturizer with sunscreen on my face – all over if I’m heading outside, put on some eyeshadow and facial powder, and do my hair. Thanks for the giveaway.

  19. My usual morning beauty routine is: wash my face, apply sunscreen and make up!
    Thank You So Much for the chance!

  20. I am pretty simplistic. I wash with a natural soap. I moisturize with a natural moisturizer that is for sensitive skin. I apply lip balm. That’s about it.

  21. Liked on Facebook and twitter …always running late so I do my best to get my makeup on and me and the kids out the door

  22. My morning routine is pretty simple…a quick face wash and a little makeup 🙂 jenniferpeaslee at gmail.com

  23. My morning routine is washing with neutragena facewash and using moisturizer with sunscreen.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  24. I wake up and first put in my contacts so I can see. I wear eye shadow, mascara, a brightening cream on my cheecks and spray perfume.

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