New shoes!

I like having two pairs of running shoes to trade out and my original Mizuno Nirvanas are totally worn down.  I did a little online research and discovered that the shoe has been upgraded plus is now a lovely shade of blue which has a hint of purple in it.  So I ordered them, and they arrived this afternoon.


I did NOT wear them out for my run this afternoon as I want to wear them a few times inside before getting them dirty.  I DID realize that the insoles I had had in my second pair of Mizunos were different than the original insoles the store recommended (I evidently lack reading comprehension).  I moved the insoles over, and voila!  they are a bit more comfortable.  I ordered another pair of that brand of insole for my new babies, and I should be good to go.

What’s the upgrade? At first glance the bottom looks just a bit different and the heel is slightly more rounded.  I never land on my heel anyway so that should make no difference—I really just run on my tiptoes and attempt to hit mid-foot.  I’ll probably wear them for my next indoor run to see how they really feel.  I’d love to wear them for my next half.

This morning (wee hours) there was a bit of freezing rain, which caused a 26 car pile-up on I-64, which caused me to almost be late for teaching.  Ice on the roadways is a major problem.  I can’t wait for spring.

Here’s one other fun thing I did recently.  I read some other blogs, and one of them recommended a company, YouBar, where you can create your own energy bars.  I’m (too) addicted to bars, so I couldn’t resist.  Look what finally showed up yesterday…


Yes, a whole box of “HANNAHVIOLIN”.  How awesome is that?  And they taste really good…there’s one ingredient I would do differently next time, but otherwise I’m very pleased.  I’ll have to try not to eat them all this week.

3 thoughts on “New shoes!”

  1. Are those the Wave Nirvanas? I am a Wave Nirvana gal myself and have not upgraded to the 7s yet…I just ordered another pair of 6s a few weeks ago so I will be good for a while, but always good to know of major changes.

    1. Yes! I love new stuff, and I’m generally behind on technology, so I figured I’d get onboard for the shoes…you should try to hold out until they are cheaper!

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