Pie and family

My first student today is sick, so I have an extra hour this afternoon.  I am getting my list together for grocery shopping, and I want to go ahead and get the ingredients for the pies I am planning to make (and perhaps one non-pie dessert).  I wanted to extend a moment of thankfulness for my recipe box, and by extension, my family!  Let me explain.

My recipe box was a wonderful gift from my grandparents for Christmas several years ago.  The recipes are from my grandmother and my grandfather made the box.  All of my aunts and uncles and most of my cousins (all?) have the same recipe box, containing the same recipes.


The photo looked best with the bananas in the photograph with it



The box contains some of the greatest recipes in the world.  My grandmother is a terrific cook and a phenomenal baker and I learned many recipes from her.  When I need a good recipe, I always look in this box first.

Right now I live farther from my family than I have before–I used to live at home with my parents, then in Cleveland I was near my grandparents and some aunts and uncles (and brother in Columbus for awhile).  When I lived in Charlotte I was just a two hour drive from my parents.  Now…it’s a long way to anyone…12 hours home, 7 hours to Wauseon, etc.  But when I pull out my recipe box to look up a pie or cookie recipe, I feel very close to my family.

Today:  I’m thankful for my family 🙂