Primal, a book by D.A. Serra

Book Review and Giveaway:

PRIMAL by D.A. Serra (screenplay originally purchased by James Cameron)

The most dangerous place on Earth is between a mother and her child…

With everything at stake – what are you capable of? What if the worst happens and you’re not a policeman, a soldier, or a spy with weapons training and an iron heart? What if you’re a schoolteacher – a mom? In this gritty crime thriller a family vacation takes a vicious turn when a fishing camp is invaded by four armed men. With nothing except her brains, her will, and the element of surprise on her side, Alison must learn to kill or watch her family die.

And then, things get worse.

I read the book (received a copy for free in exchange for this review and participation in the “tour“, with no obligation for a positive review though)—I thought it was very entertaining.  I had thought the book would be primarily about the crime, but it was also about the aftermath…though as it turns out, the aftermath of the crime only led to further the story.  It was decently written and fast-paced, though the author is very prone to arbitrary dramatic statements…

In any case, it’s a page turner and you might be surprised by the ending!  I would give it 4 out of 5 stars.  And a side note:  James Cameron!  (Titanic!)

About D. A. Serra:

Deborah Serra was a screenwriter for twenty years and recognized by the Writer’s Guild for her long term continuous employment. She has written ten TV movies, four feature films, and numerous TV episodes including two years as a staff writer for NBC.  She worked for top producers, directors, and actors.  She has taught writing at the University of California, San Diego, Wofford College and at writers’ conferences nationwide.  Serra has now turned her attention to novels, and she was honored as a recent recipient of the prestigious Hawthornden Literary Fellowship, and as a semi-finalist for the William Faulkner-William Wisdom Creative Writing Award given by the Faulkner Society in New Orleans, LA.

Do you want to win a free PDF of the novel?  One winner will be chosen at random:  leave a comment below and I’ll pick somebody on Saturday, February 16, will close at 11 pm CST.  Worldwide! (Giveaway closed)

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