Pumped for Saturday!

My friend Jen and I are becoming annoying to our friends with our excitement over the race on Saturday.  Well, I’m not entirely sure we’re becoming annoying, but I’d say there’s an 80 percent chance.  We’re both playing for Winter Opera and I am just psyched to have somebody to run a race with!  I enjoy the solitary aspect of running, but I also enjoy running with friends. 


Jen and I at our last race together. 

Anyhow, I’m exhausted now—I taught a bunch of students (though several were sick, poor guys!) and had our last opera rehearsal.  Tomorrow I have a dentist appointment that I had totally forgotten about until the dentist called to remind me, followed by a workout with Mike, and tomorrow night will be for carb-loading (not really) and the SLSO concert (Shostakovich 1st Violin Concerto, Rachmaninoff 2nd Symphony). 

My last post received some comments regarding my thoughts on women’s rights. I just want women to be taken seriously.  Well, not seriously all the time, I mean, where’s the fun in that, but simply as seriously as men take themselves.  We’re all people, right?  Feel free to add your thoughts and join the comment conversation!