Pumpkin Party (recap)

My friend Julia hosted a “Pumpkin Party” a few weeks ago.  She recently posted some pictures from it, and I wanted to share a few here for you (hopefully Julia won’t mind!).  Basically the party was a pumpkin carving party with lots of pumpkin foods, treats, and beer involved.  I’ve never been one for pumpkin carving (I think I’ve tried three times, and it’s just a lot of work 🙁 ) but I’m always really impressed by people who are good at it!


My favorite!




I can’t believe how creative/talented with a knife some people are.


If I have a baby, remind me to have it shortly before Halloween so I can dress it in a pumpkin costume! Baby Max 🙂



I am very serious about Pumpkin Beer. Evidently. This is Julia (and me).


Most recommended:  Schlafly Pumpkin Ale (have a six-pack in the fridge, as it was on sale.  However, it will probably end up sitting there for months as I really only drink socially.  I will have to take it somewhere, I guess!)


Everybody in the picture is named Chris


And last but not least, this is my friend Jon.  He’s missing.  If you see him, please let us know.