Purple Violin Case

I recently had a birthday.  One of the things I really wanted was a new violin case, so when my mother offered to help me get one, I went to the internet…and found a purple violin case! It’s the same model (basically) that I had before. Initially I had wanted to avoid the model, since the buckle had broken and I felt that it hadn’t really been that long (8 years?) but after reflecting on the cost of the case ($200), the cost of the instrument inside (not saying that here ;)), and the amount of times I opened and closed the buckles each day (several), I decided it was a very cost-effective and necessary investment…for my parents to make. (I would totally have eventually bought one myself, but HEY it’s easier this way right? THANKS MOM AND DAD!)


Isn’t it beautiful? It’s made by Bobelock and is their fiberglass half moon case with puffy cover. It’s really beautiful and I love it. (Matches my stand too 😉 )


I moved all the important stuff over, leaving behind a pile of broken pieces of rosin and a boatload of paper clips.

I’ll be the snazziest one at gigs now and all the cool kids will be jealous of me.

4 thoughts on “Purple Violin Case”

  1. I want one too…but where do you keep your music? My current case has a pocket where I keep my symphony music, I’m worried I’lli miss that. But maybe it’s worth it to have a purple case!

    1. I have to carry a small tote for music–that’s a little annoying sometimes but it works for me. Small sacrifice for an awesome case!

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