Rest Day

I tend to go overboard on activities and become really obsessed.  I get very excited about the activity, almost manic (but not quite!), and then after a few hours/days/weeks/months, burn out and never speak of it again.  You can even see some of that excitement in my blog, if you are a long time reader.

I don’t want to burn out on fitness and working out.  It’s a lot of fun.  I’m also having a great time training for the Rock n’ Rock Half Marathon in Phoenix.  It means I need to run 4 days a week on average plus I have two weekly training sessions with Mike.  Hypothetically, this would be plenty of activity—but I also signed up for a weekly spinning class, starting next Tuesday (just one hour a week!  for five weeks, and it was really inexpensive!)—and I still have a few days left on my Bikram pass, plus another week of unlimited that I must use by December 22 or I lose it.  (Can you tell I am terrified to gain weight after working so hard to lose it?  but working out more just makes me hungrier!)

I woke up this morning and my body ached.  I was exhausted (and I had even gone to bed early).  I realized…I have to slow down.  I need to take time to relax.  I can’t spend all my free time doing physical activities!  And Bikram…well they WANT you to be obsessed.  They want you to come in every day, even twice a day!  Each class is a minimum 2 1/2 hour time commitment (counting commute, sign-in, and a few minutes after to feel normal again.  not counting the shower.)  I just don’t have that time more than once a week (less if I am taking the spinning class, though there’s a chance it’ll be canceled.) They make you feel like doing it once a week or less just wouldn’t be even remotely enough…they make you feel like a disappointment if you don’t commit your life to it.  But I don’t have to fall for it!  I know there are people who just go sporadically!  I know they are in the class with me, forging ahead.  So I will go NO more often than I want to.  That means that I will not go again on this pass, and I will likely just go one time on the next pass, but that’s okay.  I don’t need to let them scare me away with their palpable disappointment Winking smile

So tonight I am simply relaxing.  And tomorrow morning I am going to sleep in a bit before I meet with Mike for a workout.  Then I will run on Saturday and Sunday.  And that can be enough.

HBBC:  1 point for 8 f/v: 1 point total