Save the dates

I almost decided to spoil the save the date card, but I’m waiting.  I picked them up today at the shop, and mailed them out.  I took some great pictures of them that I will share in a few days after I know that most folks have gotten theirs in the mail (local folks will get them tomorrow!).  I love them so much!  I would marry them, yes.


What is this?  It was next to the parking lot of the shop.


They misspelled my name.

By the way, I am not on speaking terms with Mike right now (Mike, if you are reading this, I’m very mad at you) because I can barely walk, stand, or sit today.  I definitely didn’t go for a run this morning.  I may not be able to tomorrow either.

Gotta go though, friends are coming over to test drive the grill before our 4th of July BBQ!  Hope you are having a great Wednesday—I know I am!

*jumps up and down in excitement over paper products*