Shrimp n’ grits

I had grits leftover from the other weekend, and as I am such a southern girl, I wanted to have them again as soon as possible.  So, I made Shrimp n’ grits!

I loosely followed this recipe.  Ever since purchasing my cast-iron frying pan the other month, I’ve been trying to use it as often as it makes sense.  This was a great time to use it!  The changes I made to the recipe:  I made more grits than suggested because I was also making more shrimp.  I used turkey bacon rather than regular bacon, and I added spinach to the crumbled bacon/green onion mixture at the end.  The whole thing turned out really well.


from the eatliverun website

Today is a very windy day—windy, warm, and full of pollen.  I wanted to do a six mile run, but I was struggling too much and had to cut it short at 4 miles.  I was annoyed.  Guess I need to purchase some antihistamines. 


I am at 74 miles!  I will get there.  Even with the pollen (I hope.)

So today I’m being a girl and am going shopping instead of attending the Rebecca Skloot Lecture.  Oops. 

And I haven’t started on the taxes yet…though that is actually Charter’s fault (cable company) as I spent 1 hour yesterday dealing with the slow internet and attempting to talk to somebody on the phone who could help me rather than starting on the taxes.  Seriously—they spent 20 minutes telling me it was my computer’s fault the internet was slow.  Finally they noticed that there were reports of outages in my area.  GAH.  I hate the cable company, and I think it might be time to change to another internet service provider.  In any case, after all of that I was out of time for doing taxes on that day.  Today I slept in rather than start.  I looked at the calendar and decided there is more than enough time left, in any case, EVEN assuming that much of that time will be spent yelling at Charter on the phone.


All right.  Time to make sure there is nothing super-pressing on my to do list, and then it’s shopping time!  (For a friend, not me, I plomise!)