Sotto voce

Yesterday in class we worked on how to teach the kids to play the slow movement of Vivaldi’s A minor in a sotto voce manner.  Strange for me—I have spent way too much of my life trying to play loudly!  It was a great lesson for me—I haven’t played that soft in awhile, plus it was a totally difference approach to the piece that I have had. 

I took my camera out at dinner last night.  Here’s Holly and Michaela (not sure of the spelling, must check!), my suitemates:


Holly ponders her fourth finger technique. 


Scott awkwardly grinning for the camera. 


Do I have an ethical responsibility to tell people I have a blog?  I didn’t quite get up the nerve to mention it…

By the way, the food is horrific.  Or I am just really picky?  Luckily both lunch and dinner had a salad bar with TURKEY on it and chickpeas!  Plus iceberg lettuce and broccoli.  And I yoinked two bananas for later (yesterday morning they only had two sad looking oranges at breakfast, so I’m stockpiling fruit.  Why, yes, I COULD go buy something at a store, but I have already paid for the cafeteria.)


Today is another busy day.  After breakfast I’ll observe three classes, then lunch.  After lunch we may be hitting up a local fudge shop before the afternoon class (dangerous, yes, but I feel confident I can manage–).  Then dinner, and then a recital by Brian Lewis, followed by a reception that was pretty great last year (I recall pineapple, punch, and cream puffs).

I feel like I’m slightly less busy than last year, though.  I think there was one additional parent class we did each day, plus yesterday I skipped the recital and the night concert because I wanted to have some chill out time.

Okay, I’m off!  What are you doing today?