St Louis Streets Suck

I decided tonight the true reason I’ve been so crabby the last week is that every time I leave my house I have to walk across sheets of ice to get to my car, and then drive down a block which is a sheet of ice, play “chicken” with oncoming traffic (because the grooves in the ice are down the middle of the street.)  And I wonder why I’m in a bad mood. 

I think it’s great that St. Louis doesn’t care about those of us who live on side streets.  Do I still have to pay my earnings tax since I get nothing from this?  It’s been a week since the storm.  I understand that main streets are more important, but how about coming to the small streets afterwards?  Oh, and homeowners and landlords—clean up the sidewalks in front of your house.  It’s been a week. 

Yeah, I’m pretty annoyed.