Starting to sum up 2010

The year is coming to a close, and it’s time to start thinking about accomplishments and resolutions (outside of reverb10).

I had a pretty good year—I didn’t really make any resolutions last year EXCEPT to lose weight and get in better shape.  Check!

I’m thinking of doing more resolutions this year.  I did so well last year and I want to keep that up!  Plus I am just bursting with ideas of things I want to do, perhaps not exactly resolutions but ideas and plans and thoughts and brainstorming.  Grand ideas, really Winking smile


Things I achieved/started in 2010:


1.  Finished up Suzuki Training in books 1-10.  Attended Mid-Southwest Suzuki Institute in June.

2.  Started teaching at two private Lutheran schools, doing GROUP classes and orchestra.

3.  Added many new private students.

4.  Made plans to teach at St. Louis School of Music in the spring.

5.  Took SLSO audition.

6.  Performed two different chamber music concerts, one I planned and organized and one with Chamber Project St. Louis.

7.  Hosted recital for private students in June.


1.  Got in shape, lost weight!

2.  Started working out with personal trainer, first Joe(the best) and then Mike(also awesome). 

3.  Started running. Ran first half marathon plus several 5k’s.  Currently in training for January half-marathon.

4.  Changed the way I eat, much healthier now, higher in protein, lower in carbs, higher in fruits/veggies/whole grains.

Other (fun/personal)

1.  Took a pottery class.

2.  Tried some fitness classes i.e. Bikram Yoga and Spinning.

3.  Went on a cruise.

4.  Took a class at the Kitchen Conservatory with Chris.

5.  Hosted another Cookie Swap party.

Obviously I did MANY more fun/personal things, but those are some of the big ones that I can think of offhand (also that are similar to some things I am planning to try for 2011). I am currently working on a list like this for 2011…in one year I can go back and see how I did Winking smile  It’s really about trying, not about meeting every goal.  It’s about trying to make life fulfilling and interesting while remaining healthy and being a kind and loving person, right?