The Ides of March

I’ve decided (after yesterday’s post) that there are still good people in the world, people who care about others and all that good stuff, regardless of religious affiliation.  I’m just being overly sensitive.  It also helps to turn off the news—I love listening to NPR while I’m driving and I love watching CNN at the gym, and not doing those things really helps with my mental state.  I’m going for CD’s in the car and something else at the gym (I like to listen to my ipod while watching tv, a bit of overload, but it distracts me from the treadmill pain.)

I had an awesome day: 

First, a workout with Mike during which I wore my new St. Pat’s Day shirt.  He was totally jealous since he didn’t get one even though he claims he ran the race in 30 minutes or so.  Whatever, if I don’t see it, I don’t believe it Winking smile We also discussed poo, weather, the 80’s 5k in May that I am hoping to get a group of friends together to run and dress up, if you can bring anyone’s child to the gym’s day care (free to members), and some woman who likes to do crunches on the stretching table…I also ran a bit before and after the workout.  Go me!

Secondly, I met my friend Melissa at California Pizza Kitchen for lunch.  I had the fish tacos.  We had a great time.

Then I went grocery shopping at a different store than usual (on my way home from lunch) which made grocery shopping a new and exciting experience!  There were different brands and a different layout (okay, yes, I lead a fairly mundane life.)

Next was the work portion of my day, during which I had to teach.  Today’s students were delightful.  (Actually it was just one student.)  Everybody was considerate of everybody else.  I love my Tuesday student!

I came home and ate some delicious enchiladas—beef, mushrooms, a bit of cheese, tortillas, and enchilada sauce.  Yum!  With a side spinach salad—gotta have those green vegetables.  Hmm.  That makes today a very “mexican” day.  (fish tacos, enchiladas). 

Now I am heading out for a quick catch-up with friends at a local pub.  Two more workdays left!

My friend Sarah posted this on my facebook wall today:  If you haven’t seen that cartoon, and if you are a cat owner or a cat lover, you should definitely look at it.  If you don’t like cats (or worse, fear cats) you will NOT want to click that link as it will just reaffirm your dislike or fear.