Things I’m thankful for

As a few of my posts lately have been negative, I wanted to post something more positive…

How about a list of things I am thankful for?  That always cheers me up.

I’m thankful for:

a warm house that I can make warmer if I want

a warm snuggly kitty

adorable students

my LEFT wrist doesn’t bother me

St. Louis Bread Company (that’s Panera to most of you) and their awesome “you pick two” combo

my kindle, chock full of awesome books (currently reading “The Year of Magical Thinking” by Joan Didion)

a loving boyfriend

being gainfully employed, from a variety of employers…

my awesome trainer who never fails to cheer me up AND kick my butt twice a week

getting to run outside in a race on Saturday..and supposedly it will be much warmer!

getting to play La Traviata next week

being able to email my thoughts to npr on their stories (yes, I did this today!)

Last but not least:  I’m thankful that February is nearly half over, which means March is nearby!!  And spring!!