Three Things Tuesday

A lot of people do a “Three Things Thursday” where they tell you three things about themselves.  I’ve never been one for holding back or limiting myself, so who knows what I’ll do.  And maybe it’s Two Things Tuesday, but again, I don’t really care.

1. I have a delightful adult student who found me through the internet.  She is an avid reader of my blog, and often comments on it.  Yesterday she came in and wished me a happy birthday (thanks, Suzanne!) and then made a wonderful point.  It wasn’t a point I didn’t know already, and I know she was teasing me, but she said, “oh, I would have brought you cake, but you are always talking about wanting to lose weight on your blog.”  She went on to say, “Of course then you go and post pictures of the pizza you ate, so I don’t really know what you want.”  I turned a bit red.  And I know she was absolutely just teasing me, but it was an excellent point.  I can say whatever, but if I keep eating crap I won’t lose weight.  I can blame the stress in my life, or I can blame my shoulder injury, or I can blame whatever I want, but I ultimately need to find the self control within to stop eating like crap almost every day.  It shouldn’t be that hard.  Of course, after the lessons, then I did have a piece of leftover pie.  I should just throw it away (I’ve definitely done that sort of thing in the past) but I feel like that’s just so wasteful.  UGH.  Anyway, today is a new day, and I’m doing excellent so far.

(and I actually have several delightful adult students, Suzanne is not the only one who is delightful.)

2. I had texted my friend Sarah the other day, something mundane during the day when I was bored.  Hours later, I got a text from her apologizing for not having responded, and I said, “That’s ok.  I only burned a few pictures of you in effigy.”


“I’m a violinist, I enjoy everything about me.”

3.  Sunday is the flat/downhill 5k.  I can’t say I believe that.  But nonetheless, I am actually in shape to run it.  Still not anticipating a PR or anything, but feeling much better than in May.

All American 5k and fun run

We’ll see how fast it really is.  I also feel like I need to wear red, white, and blue for this race…

I was finally able to run again last week.  Note to Hannah:  Deadlifts and running do not mix.  I was so proud of my deadlifts on Friday, and then all weekend I was sidelined due to extreme hamstring pain/soreness.  I’m sure they are getting stronger.

5 thoughts on “Three Things Tuesday”

  1. Yikes. That first thing makes me nervous about sharing my blog w/ people I actually know (students, students’ parents, friends, etc.)–I feel like it would constantly be shocking to realize that more people (than you think) know so much more about you through the internet rather than through talking to you in person!
    I’m not sure why I’m more comfortable with people I’ve never met reading my blog, than I am w/ people who already know me reading it. I guess I’m scared they’ll judge me even more than perhaps they already do? Maybe I’m assuming too much. ANYWAY. You’re braver than I am:)

  2. I am running that race this Sunday too. From what I understand it’s not an out and back so it must be “all” downhill from the start. At least that’s what I keep telling myself:)

  3. What I really enjoy about reading your blog is that it shares so much more of you than I would know in our limited time together, and it is always entertaining. As unique and special as each of us may be, we are also bound by our common humanity and susceptibility to a good slice of pie, pizza or otherwise. Thank goodness your blog is something I can enjoy without dietary guilt!

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