Two good books about family and loss (perfect for the Holiday season)

Happy Christmas Eve Eve!

Here’s a double book review and giveaway!  These two books had the common theme of family and loss so I think they fit well together.  And I find the holidays to be a time that I always think about my family, and those who are no longer with us…is that just me?  I always get so introspective and a little depressed

Celia’s Journey
by Heather Muzik

Celia’s Journey is the story of a family who loses a child in a tragic accident and how their lives continue from that point on.  I’m not going to lie, I cried more reading this book than I had from a book in a really long time (I’m thinking the last Harry Potter book…).

The Strane family (Lindsay, Jerry, Adam, and Max) have a wonderful and easy life until a tragic accident takes one of the boys.  Everything changes as the family members struggle with their grief and pain, and try to continue with life and put the pieces back together.  The book is a difficult read because of the subject matter, but it’s a really good read.  I highly recommend it.


Out and Back
by Diane Strong

Out and Back is the story of another family, but this from the point of the view of a daughter who loses her mom to cancer and how she copes with her life afterwards.  Amber is a mom and a runner (a synopsis I found online referred to her as a “obsessive running/fitness junkie”—I prefer “runner”) who has, as most of us do, a challenging relationship with her mother and struggles to create a “perfect” life for herself and her family.  (I definitely related to Amber in this book.)  The book jumps back and forth from earlier in her life to the present day to tell the story of her life and how she copes with her loss and other family problems.

Like I said, I enjoyed both these books.  Celia’s Journey is a harder read, but REALLY good.  Out and Back was more relatable for me since I’m a runner (and perfectionist too…or at least a failed perfectionist.)  I recommend them both.

More stuff: Heather Muzik wanted me to tell you about a promotion for some of her other books that starts tomorrow (Christmas Eve!)—these books will be free on kindle on December 24, 25, and 26 as part of a promotion. She said the “2 Till” books are light and fun, and the other book is dark and twisted.  I know I’ll be taking advantage of the promotion!

You can find some other books by Diane Strong here.

All her books have a running theme.  Diane is a runner, triathlete, and also participates in adventure races.  Crazy, right?

Another of her books:

Giveaway time!  GIVEAWAY CLOSED:  WINNERS WILL BE NOTIFIED BY EMAIL! Okay, for the first book, “Celia’s Journey,” I am giving away a kindle or e-reader copy of the book OR a real paperback copy (mailed to US residents only).  For the second book, “Out and Back” I am giving away three kindle copies of the book.

Leave a comment below to win and let me know if you have a kindle or e-reader (you can read on your computer too and a variety of other ways).

I’ll choose the first winner randomly, and then choose three more winners who are up for the kindle copies (somewhat randomly, but funny, touching, or properly spelled comments would have a higher chance of winning!)  Winners will be notified by email.  This giveaway runs until 10 pm CST Sunday, December 30.

5 thoughts on “Two good books about family and loss (perfect for the Holiday season)”

  1. Properly spelled comments!! +1 on that. (I’ve now doomed myself to misspelling something and missing it, thereby becoming my own pet peeve poster girl.)

    I tend to find the holidays more overwhelming than sad. You made me laugh with your “failed perfectionist” comment. Yep…I’m not actually type A until after it’s done, then all my perfectionism comes out too late.

    I don’t have a kindle and don’t want to read on the computer, but I’d like to be in the running for the paperback.

    And Merry Christmas!!
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  2. I really like to discover touching books that make me think, cry, feel! Therefore, I’d love to read both books, especially Celia’s Journey!
    p.s. I usually read through Amazon Kindle

    Merry Christmas! 🙂

  3. I love finding new books & new authors! I generally read books with the kindle app on my iPad.

    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

  4. Hi! I’d love to be entered for either giveaway, but more for “Out and Back.” I am a former runner (and failed perfectionist too!), and I lost my mom to cancer when I was in college (I’m in my late 20’s now), so I might be able to relate to that story somewhat….though I’m not yet a parent myself. Oh, and I have a kindle! Happy New Year and thanks!

    (Also just wanted to say that I LOVE your blog! Have been meaning to email you…I grew up in a different part of SC also playing the violin and playing in All-State Orchestra, so it’s possible we crossed paths at some point years ago! I ended up deciding not to pursue music as a career (which I now regret), but now I’m a pretty serious violist in my spare time and LOVE IT so much. Your blog makes me happy 🙂

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