Videotaping/post chamber music recital

The group class teaching went pretty well!  I was, of course, terrified, but I did pretty well not showing it.  I had a decent time teaching, and PERHAPS even had fun at times.  My biggest problem was that I actually ran out of activities.  Next time I need about twice as many ideas, and then perhaps I won’t get to all of them.  I suppose that comes with experience.

Our recital went pretty well too.  It ended up being very stressful, but we had an appreciative crowd, and I feel great knowing I have now organized and presented my first concert.  Next time I need to allow more time for planning/rehearsing, since things kept going wrong–trouble getting music, blizzards, etc.

Moral of story:  Need more ideas, need more time.

This weekend is the Suzuki Workshop at CMS–I’ll be observing, and look forward to sharing some things that I learn!