Washington, MO

From my recent posts, a reader might think all I had been doing recently was running.  I’ve actually been quite busy with teaching and weddings as well.  The race was my most exciting weekend event, but not the only thing.

Saturday I played for two weddings.  The first was at the Piper Palm House, which is a wonderful venue.  I’ve played several weddings there, both inside and out.  I’ve also attended a reception there, and in a few weeks Chris is playing a chamber music concert there as part of the Symphony.

The second was in Washington, Missouri, about 1 hour west of St. Louis.  It is a beautiful drive, and a beautiful town on the banks of the Missouri River.  I had played a wedding in nearby Krakow and remembered that I really enjoyed the drive there.  Today’s wedding was at St. Francis Borgia Catholic Church.  The church was VERY tall, lots of steps to climb, and had great views.  My friend Ranya and I took a few pictures.

Looking up at the steeple of the church
Beautiful inside!
The organ pipes were blue!
View from the church. The sun was just starting to set.