Wedding do’s and don’ts

I was looking through my wedding planning binder (yes, I have one!  yes, it’s pink!) and found a list of Do’s and Don’ts.  Let me share some that I liked best and will presumably find most helpful, with my thoughts in italics.


Maintain a sense of humor.  (no problem!)

Be receptive to your parents’ ideas, especially if they are financing the wedding.

Register for gifts; consider a price range that your guests can afford. (what?  It’s MY day.  They can suck it up.)

Eat well at the reception, especially if you will be drinking alcohol.  (But my dress will be fitted!)

Keep a smile on your face; there will be many photographs taken of both of you. (There are always many photographs taken of me.  I just usually take them myself)

Try to spend some time with each of your guests and personally thank them for coming to your wedding. (Do I have to?  I hate my guests…)

Expect things to go wrong on your wedding day.  Most likely if something does go wrong, no one will notice it but yourself.  Relax and don’t let it bother you. (Easier said than done…I’m sure…)


Don’t get involved in other activities; you will be very busy planning your wedding. (Like working at a job?)

Don’t be controlling.  Be open to other people’s ideas.  (Again, what?  It’s MY day.  They can suck it up.)

Don’t try to impress your friends.  (Then why are we getting married???)

Don’t invite old boyfriends or girlfriends to your wedding, unless both you and your fiancé are friendly with them; you don’t want to make anybody uncomfortable.  (We’ve done something different and ONLY invited old boyfriends and girlfriends.  Should be interesting.)

Don’t schedule your bachelor party the night before the wedding.  You don’t want to have a hangover on your special day!

Don’t drink too much during the reception; you don’t want to make a fool of yourself on your most special day!  (I’ll save that for all other days.)

Don’t flirt with members of the opposite sex.  (Really?  On the one hand, how can I talk to people without flirting with them?  On the other hand…really?  This had to be included?  Really?)