Week 3 of Thanks Begins

To recap:

1) My cat

2) No more election campaigning

3) Being able to afford to buy food

4) Gorgeous fall weather

5) Processed cheese

6) Good friends

7) My strong legs

8) My pumpkin bread recipe

9) Days off

10) Being able to go on cruises (on occasion)

11) Hummus

12) Comp tickets to the Symphony

13) New clothes


I haven’t been thankful for my sweetie Chris yet—and I definitely am!  He puts up with a lot from me (my perfectionist tendencies also carry over into my expectations for him , fair or not Winking smile ) but also gives a lot to me and to our relationship.  He is trustworthy, caring, cute, talented, smart, and hilarious!  I can always count on Chris to make me laugh.  THANKS Chris!!



Just a smattering of Chris pictures.  I was trying to reflect the qualities I listed:  Talented, loving, funny, and basically up for wearing a funny hat, drinking a fruity drink, or dancing…whatever it was that I wanted to do Smile