What is a weekend?

I’ve probably said this before, but I love this part of Downton Abbey.  “What is a weekend?”  For me though, it’s the opposite—”regular” folks have weekends off but I just keep on working.  Or start, depending.

That said, things haven’t been that busy, but yesterday was pretty fun.  I started the day reading some violin/piano sonatas with a friend (and mother of my horse head wearing student, ha!), and then we went to lunch at a really good Thai place, called Thai Sawadee.  We’d been there once before, and we will go again!  It’s in a shopping center, so you wouldn’t think it would be good, but then again…everything in Chesterfield is in a shopping center, isn’t it?


Tom Kha Khai soup:  I’ve had this soup at a variety of restaurants, and this was possibly the creamiest and most delicious I’ve ever had.


Thai Rama Chicken.  Chicken with a thick peanut sauce, and I loved it.  I ate more of it than I should have, but it was delicious.

So then it was teaching followed by the St Louis Symphony concert.  A really nice day!  Today was teaching and a “Glo Run” with a friend, neighbor, and blog reader Mandy.  I’ll tell you about that later (we ran/walked it since it was untimed and we were both quasi injured and perhaps just a bit lazy…) but it was okay.  Good company, of course.

While I was foam rolling yesterday my cat was hanging about, as usual.  We had a bit of a photo shoot.  Here’s my favorite:


She looks so SLIM, huh?  CRAZY.  This is like her myspace angle or something.

Anyway, what are you all up to this weekend?  Tell me something fun you’ve been doing, or are planning to do.

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