What’s better than a purple violin?



Now I just have to figure out how the whole electric part of it works. It is a Bridge Aquila, and sounds like a muffled violin when you play it acoustically, which is all I’ve done so far. A friend is lending me a practice amp to try it out (if my neighbors don’t already love me, they will soon…I’m just kidding…) and I’m pumped. This is all new to me, but like I said. PURPLE VIOLIN.


Love the race bib for tomorrow! Wish me luck. It’s going to be cold and early (especially after an 8 pm opera that will likely last nearly three hours) but I’m looking forward to it. Plus, a new bridge! How cool is that?

I hear the Olympics are on. I find it difficult to watch the Winter Olympics! I love them, but it’s a busy time…how do people manage? The summer is so much easier! I love the figure skating though (of course…duh, who doesn’t)…when is that on? SOMEBODY TELL ME SO I DON’T HAVE TO GOOGLE IT.

Note to self: when you don’t go to the gym for months and then go for the first time and do a bunch of back squats because you miss them…you will be sore. Very sore. For several days.

Unrelated: I have been invited to my very first trivia night in St Louis. As far as I can tell, this is a huge local tradition for fundraisers. Anybody have any good “trivia night” advice?