Winter Doldrums

I have been in a crabby mood lately.  As you might have guessed based on my short, crabby blog entries.  I couldn’t figure out WHY exactly—

I finally figured it out—it’s the weather.  I’m SICK of the ice, snow, and cold…the ice that simply PILES up on the streets and doesn’t go anywhere due to the COLD.  I want to be able to freely move outside, and I can’t for risk of falling (and I do tend to fall a lot).  I want sun, and warmth, and sandals.

But this is winter, after all, and I don’t want to live in Florida or Arizona (I really don’t.)  So I need to just live with it.  And as far as all the students that are annoying me probably because they are also feeling crabby…for the same reasons that I am—I need to cut them some slack.  We are all in the same icy cold boat here.  I remember in the fall (and the beginning of January!) I was full of patience and hope…I need to try to regain that rather than simply counting down the days until summer. 

Do you experience the winter doldrums as well?  Do you have any suggestions for me?

3 thoughts on “Winter Doldrums”

  1. Take vitamin D tablets….I do that for 3 months over winter and it does wonders, it stimulates the body to react as though it’s getting natural sunshine 🙂

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