Wisdom #reverb10

Prompt: Wisdom. What was the wisest decision you made this year, and how did it play out?

Decisions!  We all make decisions every day.  I thought about this one all day—what big decisions did I make this year?  I resigned from ProMusica Chamber Orchestra, a group I had played with for over five years.  I joined the gym and started working with a personal trainer.  I took on several new teaching positions.  I attended a summer institute to continue my Suzuki Violin Teacher Training.

Then there are the smaller, everyday decisions:  what to eat for dinner, where to go out with friends, what social engagements to accept and which to decline, what to wear, how to do my hair, etc.

The thing is, I feel like my wisest decision has already been beat to death on my blog, but yet I can’t come up with a better response.  I even discussed this with Chris over dinner at Dressel’s tonight (a great decision!)—and he said immediately:  well, we joined the gym.  You’ve all heard it already, but it’s true:  joining the gym and signing on to train with Joe is by the wisest decision I made this year.

I will always be glad I made that decision.

How did it play out?  I lost weight, I completely changed the way I eat and look at food, and I now love working out and sweating.  I’ve run several races and am training for another one.  I feel strong and healthy.  I know even if I gain weight indulging over the holidays I will be able to lose it without a problem.

Seriously wise decision.


HBBC:  yesterday: 7 f/v: 1 point, today: 1 mile run: 1 point, workout with Mike: 4 points, 7 f/v: 1 point, total for two days: 7 points.  Total for week: 26 points

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