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Thanks to Yoplait for sponsoring this post and for the opportunity to try Yoplait Fruitfuls.

What’s not to love about fruit? It’s sweet, cool, juicy, and delicious. And what’s not to love about yogurt? It’s creamy and you don’t have to waste a lot of time chewing it. So I’m glad to see that Yoplait is is dedicated to providing even more REAL FRUIT in its newest product, Yoplait Fruitful.

One of my favorite memories of Yoplait yogurt (not this product, because it’s new, but the regular kinds)—when I used to live with my sister Leslie and my two cats, we ate a lot of yogurt. After we’d finish a container of yogurt, my cat Heifetz would spend HOURS licking the inside of the container. She loved it so much and would try to get every last yogurt smelling morsel out, and struggle to get her mouth inside the tiny opening. We got so much entertainment out of watching her do this that it enticed us to eat even MORE yogurt. I wonder if Heifetz (rip) would enjoy the fruitfuls as much. I imagine so.


1/3 cup of real  fruit in each serving.

Yoplait Fruitful is just fruit and yogurt—no artificial flavors or sweeteners.

Flavors include blueberry, mango, cherry, strawberry, peach (love love peach!), and pineapple.

I love eating yogurt for breakfast (mixed in with my oatmeal, of course) or occasionally as a late night snack or afternoon pick-me-up.

Are you a yogurt lover? Or a fruit lover? OR A FRUIT AND YOGURT TOGETHER LOVER? Do you want to try this new product? I have a coupon to offer you—it’s unfortunately not for a free yogurt, but for 30 cents off. Follow this link to learn more and download the coupon! (Yoplait Fruitful is currently only available in select Midwest and Central regions. To find out if your local store carries Yoplait Fruitful, use the “where to buy” feature located at the bottom of the Fruitful landing page.)

When do you like to eat yogurt? Has your cat ever tried to eat yogurt?

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  1. I got a coupon for one of these and I wanted to try it but couldn’t find it on my local store. Where have you seen them?

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