Your blog used to be more interesting

I had an interesting conversation with my sister Leslie tonight. Well, not really…but she did drop the phrase “well, your blog USED to be more interesting.”

It was like being stabbed in the gut.

I’m kidding. I have no idea how that would feel

Okay fine. It didn’t hurt because I know that my blog has been, well, less than. But I think I’m doing better! Please keep in mind I am not actually looking for constructive criticism here.

Anyway, we were primarily talking about my new Caturday guest cat feature. I think it’s probably best if I limit my cat posts to once a week…well, for the most part. Self-control has never been my forte.

I guess part of it is this: my life got really uninteresting, at least as far as blogging goes, for a bit. And now it’s a little more interesting, and I hope to convey that in the blog. I now have a bike helmet in the back seat of my car—that’s new. I’m going to some yoga/fashion blogger thing Thursday morning (I’m already thinking about what to wear—I presume if you are invited to a “fashionable” yoga class you have to dress fashionably, right?) And I have a recipe I want to share with you guys, many more cats to share, and who knows what else!

Stuff I’ve learned recently:

1. Target brand Q-Tips are not as firm as regular Q-Tips.

2. This recipe for “Herbed Quinoa” is pretty good. Did you know that quinoa is technically a seed, not a grain? Some of my friends and I had a long discussion the other night about grains, seeds, gluten, and shortening. I’m still pretty confused—the more I study Wikipedia the less I know.

3. I posted this on facebook, but it’s worth reiterating here (since many of you might not be facebook friends with me): The other day a student told me she could tell when a note was F because of the hashtag sign next to it.

Arguably this blog post is an example of just giving up, but I figure blogging more means I’m trying and trying is what really counts, right? Now I’m going to hit publish and go do some violin practice.


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  1. Fashionable yoga would be my worst nightmare. But that’s because one of the great joys of running for me is living by a friend’s assertion that if you’re running it doesn’t matter if you match. Also because I’m rotating the same 5 dresses (plus one pair of jeans) for work all because they’re all I have that match the one pair of boots I currently own. I really, really need to go shopping.

    Anyway, I like your blog however it is, but additional bike talk will only make me happier.
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