We set the date.  I guess I’m getting married!

Don’t think this necessarily means you’re invited 😉 It’s not like these events come cheap!

Here’s where we’ve chosen to have it.  We’ll be having our ceremony in the Chouteau Room and the dinner/reception in the Centennial Ballroom. 


There’s a lot more planning to do, but I’m glad we’ve decided on the biggest part.  (Well, second biggest really…the biggest part was deciding who to marry!)

Here are some pictures from their facebook page:

167199_10150107954708854_233859993853_7722258_5596213_n165573_10150107954658854_233859993853_7722257_7115438_n  162609_10150107954758854_233859993853_7722260_7180947_n

Those are all the Chouteau Room

168309_10150113027058854_233859993853_7821518_6610513_n 164123_10150113027093854_233859993853_7821519_8100376_n 166220_10150113027178854_233859993853_7821522_108978_n


These are all the Centennial Room (up a floor).

Obviously my decorations will be a little different, but you can see the exposed brick and the wood floors.  I think it’s awesome!  The woman in charge, Ann, reminded me of my friend Melissa.  She had a great sense of humor as well.  I am psyched. 

I realized that the main reason I couldn’t deal with this all a few weeks ago is I just had too much other crap going on.  Now that I am almost done with school, I am ready to brainstorm centerpiece arrangements and discuss bridal party teeth whitening strategies to my heart’s desire.

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  1. Congrats on your wedding date! I love your note about not everyone being invited! 😉 I certainly don’t expect to be, but do expect that you’ll post lots of pics!!! Enjoy the planning process — it’s truly a lot of fun!

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