30 days of funny blog searches


Playing at the Tavern of Fine Arts on Friday night.  I should really sit up straighter!

Here’s some of the best searches for my blog in the past 30 days: (Honestly, I don’t know if you care at all but this stuff really amuses me! Also this fits in well with my 30 days of Thanksgiving Theme.)  These will be presented without comment.  Add your own comments in the comments!

trainer in short, short headband

running turkey

humorous wedding invitations funeral

marathon poop runner

hates music cat

stretches to hurting shoulder

funny searches to my blog

pancake cushions

real life amazon woman

unsuccessful in violin orchestra audition give up?

lolcat violin

wedding gnome

how tough was your workout


i am open at the close


hello i am a cat

when i workout i tell facebook

"do you like my tanlines"

"violin blogger runner who knows an awesome wedding photographer

is drinking vegetable oil bad>?

a tukey running track

80s gym rat outfits

make sure everyone knows i’m at the gym facebook

ms paint cat


kitten wearing a hat

fear of failure cat

funny advice for worrying worry

genius violin teachers st louis

All time searches for my blog:

1. hannah violin blog

2. cheese

Today I am thankful for google and the ability to find anything you need to know online, quickly and easily.

5 thoughts on “30 days of funny blog searches”

  1. Confession- I get a kick out of these google results. So I searched violin blogger runner who knows an awesome wedding photographer- lo and behold, there you were!

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