Okay, so my morning post was a WEE bit overdramatic.  Couple that with reading an awful story on NPR about a photographer who was taking pictures of a little bunny and ended up CRUSHING the bunny by accident (I am not linking to the story, and I had to block it from my newsfeed because I kept crying)…and I was a bit of a drama queen. 

My wrist hurting is more than a first world problem, since it continues to plague me throughout my career.  That being said, I had the signs leading up to it all week. I am taking today off, and as I tell my students, if for some reason you can’t practice, LISTEN.  I’ll be doing that.

It’s just that I woke up early to practice all morning and then my schedule was off.  Those who know me well know I like having my schedule set, I like knowing what’s going to happen and where I’m going to be, who I’m going to see, that sort of thing.  Sometimes I get a little bit anal about that sort of thing, and I don’t adapt well to change.  Once change happens, I have a mini freak out, and then I am usually okay.  (Well, as long as large groups aren’t involved.  The older I’ve gotten, the more I just cannot handle large groups.) 

But I’m very resilient, I am okay NOT practicing today, really. At least I’ve gotten some good practice in this week, right?

See, aren’t I doing well?  Aren’t we all proud of me? 

Today’s workout was heavy on the deadlifts.  I was awesome and deadlifted an amount that my trainer reminded me, just a few months ago, made me cry and say "I can’t, I just can’t."  I took that to me I was getting stronger, he took it to mean that sometimes I tell myself I can’t do things that I actually can.  Agree to disagree.

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