Are you a cow?

I was at Target the other day and I figured I’d just poke through the children’s books. 

photo (53)

Am I a cow?  How would I know?  Or even more importantly, how would I NOT know?  Do cows know that they are cows?

So I bought the book.  For Benjamin.  (Even though he totally can’t read yet.) (I haven’t given it to him yet, and I’m hoping he doesn’t already have it.)

But then I read it.  Spoiler alert follows.

photo (52)

Oh.  I guess I’m not a cow.  *has a sad*

Yesterday I had my last day teaching at the school until the fall semester starts (which is in less than four weeks!).

This is a sign I shouldn’t mindlessly snack.

photo (51)

Yes, I cleaned it up. 

And then I got a little artsy with Instagram.  What do you think?

photo (50)

photo (49)

Can you tell what that second picture is?  (Hahaha.)

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